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Silver SEO Campaign

This is a Tool based SEO campaign but extremely safe, We have done hundreds of projects using this & got great Results!

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2 Unique articles
10 Web 2.0 (T-1)
10 Article Submission (T-1)
25 Profile Submission (T-1)
25 Social Bookmark (T-1)
400 Wiki Submissions (T-2)
200 Social Bookmarks (T-2)
3000 Blog Comments (T-3)
Premium Indexing
Custom Indexing
4 Unique articles
High Quality Articles
10 Web 2.0 (T-1)
10 Article Submission (T-1)
50 Profile Submission (T-1)
40 Social Bookmark (T-1)
5 Video Submission (T-1)
600 Wiki Submissions (T-2)
300 Social Bookmarks (T-2)
200 GSA Contextual Backlinks (T-2)
3000 Blog Comments (T-3)
Premium Indexing
Custom Indexing
5 Unique articles
High Quality Articles
20 Web 2.0 (T-1)
15 Article Submission (T-1)
75 Profile Submission (T-1)
50 Social Bookmark (T-1)
5 Video Submission (T-1)
5 Wiki Submission (T-1)
800 Wiki Submissions (T-2)
400 Social Bookmarks (T-2)
300 GSA Contextual Backlinks (T-2)
100 DoFollow Blog Comments (T-2)
300 Forum Profile (T-2)
3000 Blog Comments (T-3)
Premium Indexing
Custom Indexing
6 Unique articles
High Quality Articles
20 Web 2.0 (T-1)
15 Article Submission (T-1)
100 Profile Submission (T-1)
70 Social Bookmark (T-1)
5 Video Submission (T-1)
10 Wiki Submission (T-1)
10 EDU GOV Links (T-1)
Social Signals (T-1)
1000 Wiki Submissions (T-2)
500 Social Bookmarks (T-2)
400 GSA Contextual Backlinks (T-2)
200 DoFollow Blog Comments (T-2)
400 Forum Profile (T-2)
3000 Blog Comments (T-3)
Premium Indexing
Custom Indexing

Let’s take some of the very common questions asked by our clients!!!!

Does your pyramid continue to work?

Yes, it works and we have many customers who have been working for years with us. And the results are coming.

Because the outer looks were the same but there were always changes in the internal database and submission strategy.

Now !!!!!

In our entire Link Pyramid we are making a big change including structure for better and more powerful results.

 Version 3.0 

As you already understand, our packages contain 2 kinds of Link Pyramid:

  • Tool-based
  • Tier-1 Manual

For both pyramids, we introduced a BIG update:

  • First of all, for more uniqueness, we are growing the default content amount.
  • 2nd, the keyword ratio will be specified in the form, so you can choose from the templates (particularly anyone who is confused about the anchor ratio). You can offer your own percentage as well, no issue.
  • To improve the impact of the consequence, the amount of tier-1 and tier-2 submissions will be altered.
  • All submissions based on the tool range 499 to range 1699 are going to have very juicy tier-2.
  • We are going to boost the amount of backlinks in the Tier-2 context.
  • There will be powerful PBN links in the Tier-1 in Manual Packages to make them stronger..
  • All articles from PBN are going to be handwritten.
  • We have got a dedicated content processing department. For other submissions, we find topic-related articles manually and spin them to make content human-readable and unique with high-quality (monthly paid) premium spinner.
  • It will also include the Expired Web 2.0 in Manual Packages.
  • Tier-2 connections are going to be stronger for all packages.


Features of our PBN:

  • All domains are handpicked to be completely clean and strong.
  • TThe average Trust Flow and Domain Referral is 15.
  • We use various suppliers of hosting
    • Unique IPs of class A, B, C
    • Various servers of names for each site.
  • Design of the website
    • Websites that look real
    • Unique and lovely logo
    • Various premium web themes
    • Expert design, contemporary PBN (not like normal PBN)
  •  Homepage posts for improved low OBL juice.
  • All websites have social profiles

In brief, with our easy packages, our customers will get a better outcome.
We plan to provide the finest possible package and service for better and quicker outcomes in your budget.

Our TAT varies between package and package! TAT for urgent requests:

  • It takes 48 to 72 hours for STARTER to PRO.
  • Orders from Alpha to Gamma will be supplied in 7 to 10 days.
  • You will get the report within 12 days if you select 10 days of drip feed.

We are not limiting your keywords and urls. Keep in mind that the more URLs you provide, the more links you dilute, the more choices you make. But for better results, we suggest using 1 url and 5 keywords. And we also prevent using 1 url and 1 keyword because over optimization is penalized by Google.

Naturally! We want you to feel comfortable ordering from us, so we will give you a report of any link built except PBN.

This will allow a consistent amount of links to flow in over a period of time for new sites, which in combination with a variety of anchor texts will make the whole process look very natural.

However, if you have an established website, there is no need to do this because it takes a little more time for directories to approve your website, and then for Google to index those connections a little longer, you will still get links spaced out over time.

Sorry, we are not working on Loan, Escort, Lottery, Adult, Sex Toys, Tinder Type Page, TransSensation, Gamble, Casino, Nudity, Sexual content, Adult Flirting Site, Poker, Gay, Bet, Prediction, Bar Category, Wine, Alcohol, Beer, Vodka, Cannabis, Weed, Film, Streaming, Insurance, Concert, Music, Song, Religion, Magic, Psychic etc.

If you are confused with your niche, please email us before you buy.

Google ranking relies on a number of variables such as keyword choice and other significant page optimization variables. We don not ensure any place for the keywords in our link pyramid. But usually, after Google recent updates, small and medium keywords get excellent outcomes.

Our policy on reimbursement is about the amount of backlinks we gave. When we do not provide the connections we pledged then we will reimburse your cash.

Depending on your niche, we usually attempt our utmost to take general pictures. There may be a opportunity in the process to take the picture of your competitor. You can also provide pictures for submissions if you want.

For keyword research, we recognize only one set or subject

We are going to take the first subject by default or set as keyword research and other sets are going to be as they are.

We will wait for your response for 3 days and then process the order using our chosen keywords.

There are a total of five possibilities in the form for anchor ratio. Four pre-built anchor ratio options and 1 custom option where the necessary anchor ratio can be mentioned.